• Analysis and recomendation of clients' sales and marketing program objectives.
  • Maintain market presence and achieve growth and profitability.
  • Periodic visits to markets thus, reinforcing distribution of the products.
  • Adherence to pricing, strategy, philosophy and general corporate guidelines.


  • Advise clients on local market conditions, local acceptability/suitability of products, competition activity, trade restrictions and market opportunity.
  • Identify, evaluate and recomend potential distributors for the product line.
  • Direct distribution of product samples to prospective customers.
  • Assistance to importer with trade presentations, training importer's sales force, setting mutually agreed targets and regularly reporting on progress.
  • Assistance and participation in domestic and international trade shows.


  • Open accounts only if prospective importer is able to distribute the products
    (i.e. temperature-controlled warehouse, delivery vehicles, brand management, sales force, and financial stability.)
  • Translation of text for labeling and product registration purposes.
  • Assistance with product registration documentation for presentation to overseas health authorities.
  • Overall nationalization of the product for better market acceptance and market share.